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Arc Six
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So Fast Nothing Matters | Last Resorts Pt. 1
Jan 03 2022 | EP21
Elevating horizontally away from the HMC on a mission for the Atlas, the Gang has a very bumpy and surprisingly swanky first foray into the greater city. Greg attracts some extremely unwanted attention, Ollie makes fast friendships, and Joe broths fire.
When The Lights Come On | Last Resorts Pt. 2
Jan 17 2022 | EP22
Sliding their way into station, our gang finally arrives in Casio Dell Nividia! Though not without a few unasked for complications and new acquaintances as they try to follow up on what little leads they have. Ollie cleans up yet another bloody mess, Joe finds his place on life’s stage, and Greg gets a blast from way back.
Rubble and Blood | Last Resorts Pt. 3
Jan 31 2022 | EP23
Shot, stabbed, chopped, and screwed, Greg struggles to survive an unknown assailant as the rest of our gang desperately scrambles to save him. Greg hops the rails, Joe kicks the can, and Ollie patches a couple leaks.
Red, the Synthesized Blood of Angry Men | Last Resorts Pt. 4
Feb 15 2022 | EP24
Hunted by mystery assailants or not the band plays on, as our gang finally rests a beat and gets acquainted with the underground. Ollie gets crushed, Joe gets a hero’s welcome, and Greg follows a vapor trail.
Ep 25: Black, the Dark of TV Screens Past | Last Resorts Pt. 5
Mar 14 2022 | EP25
Their secret meeting with Joanna drawing closer and a series of unexpected guests further complicating their affairs, our gang takes a wild stab at stealing the living map of the floor. Ollie gets served, Joe spikes it, and Greg gets to know the new neighbors.
Ep 26: Here There Be Bullshit | Last Resorts Pt. 6
Mar 29 2022 | EP26
Ambushed again, our gang struggles to learn more about their repeat assailants and the ATLAS’ place in it all before everything comes down around them. It all goes perfectly swimmingly. Joe explosively takes the floor, Greg’s circles the drain, and Ollie makes a deep dive into fine dining.
This Didn't Have to Happen | Last Resorts Pt. 7
Apr 25 2022 | EP27
After spending their entire visit hunted and stalked by the mysterious Burning Rose, our gang finally makes a play to turn the tables. But when push comes to shove, can they do what needs to be done to recover the map from Jeanne? And is it even worth it? Greg gets a lift, Joe orders his stack improperly, and Ollie shoots her eye out.
Was it Worth it, Tunnel Beef Commando? | Last Resorts Pt. 8
May 09 2022 | EP28
With the situation in Casio Dell Nividia deteriorating rapidly and only a momentary upper hand to call their own, can our gang maintain their momentum and ride it back home to safety, or will it all come screeching to a dead stop? Greg cuts the tension, Joe goes in for a jaw-realignment, and Ollie floors it.