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Arc Four
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Hello! Hello! | Manse Macabre Pt. 1
Jun 8 2021 | EP13
Back at camp, our gang arrives just in time to say goodbye again before driving off into the heightened mystery and decrepit mess of Anna’s hometown. Ollie tries to fix the unfixable, Greg finds his footing, and Joe bites the bullet and becomes a hero.
The Least Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism | Manse Macabre Pt. 2
Jun 21 2021 | EP14
Our gang could sure use a nap, but between being trapped in the Manse, pushed passed the reasonable bounds of sanity, and no closer to helping Anna or completing their task, things take a turn a titch for the worse with a dinner party. Greg bends the knee, Joe legs it, and Ollie’s gonna carry that weight.
Foyerism | Manse Macabre Pt. 3
Jul 5 2021 | EP15
Taking a trip down memory lane, Our Gang finds their way back right where they started only to discover exactly what it is that they’ve lost this time. Ollie keeps her thoughts to her self for a change, Greg falls asleep on the job, and Joe fondly recalls his first time.
The Kitty Cavity | Manse Macabre Pt. 4
Jul 19 2021 | EP16
With their party totally wiped, their gear stolen, and Anna still injured and now missing, our gang tries to sneak their way back into Harriet’s wing in desperate attempt to get back on a sure footing, something they learn is a rare commodity in the Manse. Joe catches a chill, Ollie loses hers, and Greg has a disquieting private moment in the powder room.
Fever Dreams | Manse Macabre Pt. 5
Aug 16 2021 | EP17
A lone Joe dances desperately against fate and the unbearable weight of responsibility, as the rest of our gang drifts off again into their collective past and uncover deep secrets that could threaten to rock the foundations of the Manse. Joe fails to find personal security in friendship, Greg goes off course, and Ollie says goodbye.
Goodbye! Goodbye! | Manse Macabre Pt. 6
Aug 30 2021 | EP18
After a long and perilous tour through the manse, our gang is completely star-struck as they finally face off against the Collator, painful memories, and the strain of it all. Joe cuts loose, Ollie gets down, and Greg finds out just how much of a handful Harriet can be.