Burning Rubber

Arc Two
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Scrawny, Crawly, and Toothy | Burning Rubber Pt. 1
Dec 07 2020 | EP3
Having made a desperate deal with Josipha, our gang heads a hundred floors down to hunt the SecureSoft Central Control Unit and gets their first taste of holy motor hospitality. A burning is afoot! Ollie does the robot, Joe levels up, and Greg gets in touch with his own mortality.
The Parish Proper | Burning Rubber Pt. 2
Dec 21 2020 | EP4
Wounded and with their route cut off, our gang hunkers down, does some casual looting, and gets to know their headless hostess Anna, whose directions might just push them even further into the chaos of the ongoing burning. Greg’s clothes quest comes to an end, Joe lines his pockets, and Ollie makes a friend.
Cristoph and Clyde | Burning Rubber Pt. 3
Jan 04 2021 | EP5
As our gang wades deeper into the SecureSoft infestation they bump head first into new faces, both friendly and far from it, and learn some deeply concerning new information about the Holy Motorists. Joe fails a stealth roll right into everyone’s hearts, Ollie picks up some new tricks, and Greg does a punch real good.
Into the Woods | Burning Rubber Pt. 4
Jan 18 2021 | EP6
After laying the dead to rest and saying their goodbyes, our gang takes the long way around to try and catch SecureSoft unawares, but chaos seems to follow, and so does a chatty old friend. Greg springs a trap, Ollie plays it by the book, and Joe discovers the true nature of the infestation.
Heart of the Infestation | Burning Rubber Pt. 5
Feb 1 2021 | EP7
Trapped, hurt, and more than a little over it, our gang finally squares off against the Central Control Unit, but can they win without everything crashing down around them? Joe goes to town, Greg falls down a hole, and Ollie gets her hands dirty.
Rush Hour | Burning Rubber Pt. 6
Feb 15 2021 | EP8
Having Resolved to chase down their weakened quarry and pursued by Knights of the Parish, our gang makes literally the worst decisions possible and quickly learn the biggest danger to themselves… is themselves. Joe puts pedal to metal, Ollie takes the wheel in more ways than one, and Greg loses sight of the goal right at the finish line.