About Salvage

Salvage is an Apocalyptic Dystopian Horror-Comedy Actual-Play. It is also the small home game of 4 dweebs that decided to record themselves playing posterity to the point it kinda got away from them and they suddenly had a podcast.

Salvage is trippy gross transhumanist horror meets bright culture-rich colourful post-post-cyberpunk. 90's formica and grey computer monitors. It’s rock and roll, lazers, and coca-cola. Americana, tall tales, and blade runner. Folk, country, blue-grass, and blues. It’s a sierra adventure game synth laid over an eldritch surrealist nightmare, and a warm bonfire with friends on a cool autumn night in your home town. It’s messy, weird, tragic, and friendly and has absolutely no right to be.

Salvage is also primarily about 3 people who fall down a hole and have a very very bad time.

Meet the Characters

Everyone raise your hands, who smells some bullshit and wants to leave?

Greg is the well meaning slab of hit points that the others hide behind when things get rough. Won't leave a problem unfixed if he's got anything to say about it.

I ain't never met a mess what wasn't fit for fixin'!

Ollie is a charming back-alley mechanic from West Salvage, armed with her trusty slug rifle and a winning smile.

Yeee Haw!

Hobo Joe
Joe loves jackets almost as much as he loves noodles. His pockets are full of many things (including his laser pistol of unknown origin) but there's always room for that one new shiny thing.

Dammit Steve

Erin probably
Erin is a real actual person and is our Game Master

Latest Episodes

Here There Be Bullshit
Last Resorts
Ambushed again, our gang struggles to learn more about their repeat assailants and the ATLAS’ place in it all before everything comes down around them. It all goes perfectly swimmingly. Joe explosively takes the floor, Greg’s circles the drain, and Ollie makes a deep dive into fine dining.
This Didn't Have to Happen
Last Resorts
After spending their entire visit hunted and stalked by the mysterious Burning Rose, our gang finally makes a play to turn the tables. But when push comes to shove, can they do what needs to be done to recover the map from Jeanne? And is it even worth it? Greg gets a lift, Joe orders his stack improperly, and Ollie shoots her eye out.
Was it Worth it, Tunnel Beef Commando?
Last Resorts
With the situation in Casio Dell Nividia deteriorating rapidly and only a momentary upper hand to call their own, can our gang maintain their momentum and ride it back home to safety, or will it all come screeching to a dead stop? Greg cuts the tension, Joe goes in for a jaw-realignment, and Ollie floors it.

Find Us

Our main twitter account to watch for news about the podcast.
Salvage Discord
Our new discord server, a place where everyone can come to chat about the podcast.
Erin is our Salvage GM
Tori plays Ollie and makes all our music
Dan plays Greg and has tweeted once
Steve plays Joe and tweets nothing